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Dear neighbors and friends of Ciudad Quesada

I inform you that more than a week ago, I presented at the Town Hall of Rojales a complaint regarding the state of the roundabout of entry to Lo Marabú and the state of the "medianera" of the CV-905 road.

For many years, the medianera and the roundabout have not been kept in good condition.

If this is not the responsibility of the City Council, the residents and owners of Lo Marabú hope that the City Council will be involved and address the complaint to the appropriate department.

We are practically in summer, we have spent the spring and Easter season giving tourists an image of abandonment and no interest in the care of our area.

I do not understand that as Ciudad Quesada is such an important tourist destination why the City Council does not look after Ciudad Quesada as well as Rojales Town center, and it has been like that for years. 

It would be interesting to have a Councilor for Tourism who will be more involved and see that this kind of actitud on the part of our City Council drastically affects tourism, residents and neighborhood businesses.


Francisco Lidon

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