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March Association Meeting 2011





The charity event in aid of Paul Cunningham Nurses will be held on Friday 6th May 2011 from 9.00 am until 7.00 pm.   The event will take place in the car park in front of the Lo Marabu shopping centre.  The Town Hall will provide public toilets and local police and  Daya Nueva Town Hall will provide a stage.  Exite Radio will do a radio show and the    Leader Newspaper will do half page adverts for 2 to 3 weeks regarding this event.  Next week Francisco will contact the businesses in the area to give them the opportunity to have a stand at the event.   Restaurants can do food tastings.  There will be an International food fayre and fashion show.   The Website will have details about how to contact Sue Reader from Paul Cunningham Nurses.


There is an article on the Website about recent Gas scams.  Do not open your door to these people.


Vandalism is recurring because of the broken street lights. Three cars have been vandalised in the past two weeks.   The surveillance cameras are not switched on as yet.


The new Health Centre will be opened officially on Wednesday 23rd March.  We have had no information about the Doctors etc.


The Church had an opening day; however, the Town Hall did not inform us about it.


Regarding the lighting, some people are stealing the cables.   The value of the cables is over 100,000 euros.


The training for the Intranet will take place on 4 & 5th April at 10.30 am at Manolo´s Restaurant.


If you are unable to get information about an absent owner in your community, the Notary in Almoradi can get the information.  You need to provide them with the address of the property and pay the fee.  


There is an article on the website in the Lawyer section regarding work and alterations to properties which are part of a complex.   If you extend your property it can affect your community fees and Suma tax.



March Association Meeting 2011

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